How the Bill of Rights Affects My Life

In 1791, the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States, also known as the Bill of Rights, become ratified. The Bill of Rights contained freedoms that Americans held to be their inalienable rights, and were so important that before ratifying the Constitution many states insisted on a promise of amendments guaranteeing individual rights. It was created to set limitations on the power of the United States government, protecting the natural rights of liberty and property.
The Bill of Rights affects every Americans life, in many different ways: it sets standards for people to live by, it gives us the right to be citizens, and it also gives us freedom of speech. The Bill of Rights gives citizens freedom, but it also crosses the line between right and wrong. It punishes those that have done wrong, and rewards those that deserve it. It basically sets boundaries, not just for the lower or middle class, but for everyone.
It reminds me of the Ten Commandments; rules are set for the people of the land, and when those rules are broken, justice is served. The Bill of Rights also gives us the right to be citizens of the United States. Not just anyone can become an actual citizens, most aliens in the U. S. are illegal. Why? Because the Bill of Rights put a stop to them becoming legal; and while that has its positives and negatives, I believe that it’s a good thing that not everyone can become a citizen of our great nation.

The culture, the history, the population, all of it would be different if just anyone was allowed in. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. Lastly, the Bill of Rights grants us the freedom of speech. The liberty to speak our minds and say what we need to say. In so many countries freedom of speech is banned, and here, sometimes even I take it for granted. Freedom of Speech is saying what you believe needs to be said, whether good or bad, without being punished for it.
So, as one can see the Bill of Rights not only affects my life, but it also affects the lives of others around me. We the people are so blessed to be citizens of this nation, and to think that our ancestors (somewhere way down the line) were the great minds that created the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights sets standards for people to abide by, it grants select people to become citizens, and it gives us the freedom of speech; but, those are just the highlights and there’s more to that book than just its cover.

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