How organizations maintain their cultures?

How organizations maintain their cultures? What steps are involved? Describe them. Organizational culture is directly influenced by both internal and external challenges. This requires its employees to learn how to deal with the challenges. It is important that they learn how to adapt to these environmental challenges to be successful as they retain the values of the organization. When new employees are hired, the management should invest resources in training them how business is done and the values of the organization. There are various factors that are core when creating and maintain organizational culture. These include values, the values of the founders and finally the industry demands.

Steps involved in creating organizational culture

An organization should start with a main purpose or a goal. Communication should be direct in all levels. Employees should understand why the organization why they are in operation, and their clients. A strong purpose inspires and motivates employees to maintain the organizational culture. Secondly, all employees must be speaking in a common language where they share the same values and standards as well. A set of guiding principles should be adopted to ensure that the values are upheld. Cohesiveness eliminates all gaps that might be existing in the organization as all employees will be working towards achieving the same goal.

How organizations maintain their cultures?

Further, the management should lead by example. Leaders’ acts and behaviors represent the image and reputation of the organization. Radically transparent leaders influence employees to preserve the culture as envisioned by the founders of the organization. Also, an organization should identify culture ambassadors to be the advocates of the company. These ambassadors are greatest assets as they enable an organization to gauge and determine whether any changes should be effected to meet the industry demands. Finally, employees should be truthful, communicate effectively and treat each other in the right way.

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