Note: You will need to complete Assessment 1 before completing this assessment.

For this assessment, complete the remaining sections of your strategic alignment worksheets (SAWs) for the human resources functional area and the additional functional area you selected for the Atha Corporation case study. Using the two strategic alignment worksheets you submitted for Assessment 1, complete the following:

Conduct independent research to familiarize yourself with the process of developing a purpose statement and performance standards. You may find the materials listed in the Suggested Resources helpful, or you may refer to other resources.
Update the SAW for the human resources area and for the additional functional area you selected by completing Section 2: Purpose Statement and Section 3: Performance Standards in each form.

In the Section 2: Purpose Statement table, provide thoughtful answers to the four questions to arrive at your purpose statement for each functional area.
In the Section 3: Performance Standards table, identify at least three performance standards that will be used to measure the performance of the functional area team. Provide a rationale for each identified performance standard.

Write one 1–2-page reflection on the sections you just completed for your SAWs. In your reflection, address the following questions:

For each SAW, explain how the purpose statement for that functional area addresses the people leadership aspects of management by promoting trust, motivating employees, and supporting collaboration.
How do the performance standards reflect strategic alignment with the organizational goals, through support of the other sections of the SAW (the goals and activities and purpose statement) and your revised organizational charts?
What research did you use to support your work in arriving at the goals and activities? Use APA style and formatting to cite your sources.
What current or past experiences did you draw from for this assessment, if any?

Submit all three of the following as attachments to this assessment:

Your completed SAW worksheet for the human resources functional area.
Your completed SAW worksheet for the additional functional area you chose.
Your reflection paper.

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