How HRM relate to the management in regards to achievement of organizational goals?

How does HRM relates to the management in regards to the achievement of organizational goals?


Read the case study (Forbes Marshall).  Discuss the HRM practices in the firm and how they support in the achievement of organizational goals. Critically evaluate how HRM practices influence organizational behavior and based on the case study, discuss the three pillars of HRM practices in the organization and their influence on performance and behavioral outcomes in Forbes Marshall.


  1. Introduction: This section must cover the following agenda.
    1. Company profile: The Candidate shall provide a brief introduction of the Forbes Marshall with details on its aim, mission, vision, headquarters, key operational areas, business activities, subsidiaries of the company, geographic presence of the company (globally), number of employees, clients, and competitors. Apart from details outlined in the case study, the learner must still conduct research on the company.
    2. Aim & Objectives: The aim statement of intent must describe what the learner proposes to achieve by undertaking the task. A max. of 3 objectives must be listed here.
  2. Critical Analysis. The candidate must provide critical analysis on the following sections:
    1. HRM Practices: The learner will be required to evaluate the company’s HRM practices and how these practices influence organizational behavior and strategy. In this section, the learner is also expected to discuss components of HRM, Organizational Strategy and integrating HRM Strategy along with different models that affect organizational performance (i.e. guest model or 4 Cs outcome.). The Candidate is required to discuss the three (3) pillars of HRM practices in the organization and their influence on performance and behavioral outcomes in Forbes Marshall.
  3. Recommendations and Conclusions and references: Overall recommendations and final conclusion to be given for the chosen organisation. The work must also adhere to the Harvard Style Referencing System with in-text citations.


Why is HRM Important in achieving Organisational strategy and objectives?




Discuss any 2 leadership styles and critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these styles in your industry. Identify the most conducive leadership style to promote performance in your company with discussion and critical reflection on why you think it is so.

Note: This is not related to task 1 at all and any industry can be choosen to discuss the leadership styles


Assignment Task 3:


As the Chief People Officer at the headquarters, discuss your action plans to the CEO relative to global compensation and benefits strategy and cultural management.


Global Compensation and Benefits Strategy. Your firm is a multinational consumer electronics organization which has five (5) profitable subsidiaries in Taiwan. Due to pandemic, the firm suffered 40% decline in over-all revenue and whilst the business is still on profitable path, all future expansion and acquisition projects where kept on hold until situation improves. The 3000 strong workforces are mostly local nationals with some expatriates (PCNs) in the management and highly skilled roles. Recently, the country where these five (5) subsidiaries are based, has passed a landmark law enacting a minimum wage and standard benefits beginning next month. This will significantly impact people cost and disrupt budgets already approved. The CEO at the headquarters is concerned with the feasibility of maintaining significant number of local nationals. After a brief video conference with the country manager, the CEO expressed his plans with the idea of replacing half of the locals whilst simultaneously concerned on the risks of having highly collectivist culture there.

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