how glucose is stored in the body

how glucose is stored

For each of the macronutrients, describe and classify the chemical structure, biological function, metabolism, and factors that affect dietary requirements.
Modular Outcomes addressed by Discussion Option II:

Explain how glucose is stored in the body

Discuss the role of hormones in regulation of blood glucose

Discuss the role of glucose in the body and why carbohydrates are critical for normal functioning of the body.

What are the hormones involved in blood glucose balance and where do they come from? Explain their role.

Discuss the storage sites of glucose and what it might mean for an athlete.

Why is dietary fiber critical for normal body function? Calculate the fiber content of your own diet for 1 day. How many grams of fiber do you eat? Which foods would you add to your diet to change your intake to meet the daily recommended intake (if any)?

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