How do you write an opening statement for mediation?

How do you write an opening statement for mediation?

How do you write an opening statement for mediation? opening statements set the tone and ground rules for the remainder of the mediation. Different types of mediations require different types of opening statements, but they are no less important no matter the dispute.

For this discussion, you will compose and record an opening statement to use for a mediation involving a child custody or visitation matter. The scenario is as follows:

How do you write an opening statement in negotiation?

The parties are John and Jane Doe, and they have recently separated. They are the parents of a 6-year-old, Fawn. The disputants’ separation and impending divorce is going fairly smooth and they have agreed to share custody of Fawn, however, the two cannot agree upon a child parenting schedule. The court has ordered them to attend mediation to work through this last piece of their marriage dissolution. As the mediator, you are working on your opening statement for the mediation next week. Remember to revisit your notes on opening statements and include all of the components necessary, tailored to this dispute.

What are the elements of an opening statement?

Compose your opening statement. You should limit your statement to no more than 300 words and no less than 150 words. You should cover the elements outlined in the module notes. You may want to look to the Standards for guidance, as well as any other research you may wish to conduct to complete this assignment.