How do you write a journal assignment?

How do you write a journal assignment?

How do you write a journal assignment?

Introductory paragraph – define your thesis statement, explain why this topic is interesting to you, and connect the topic to literature you have read, movies you may have watched, recent news stories, or relevant corporate activity of which you are aware that has helped you form an opinion.


Journal assignment for students


Journal assignment about a topic relating to corporate and social responsibility.


How do you write a journal assignment?

Journal content – you are producing a content driven reflective piece. It is assumed you will use a spell checker and make an effort to write with academic clarity. Accordingly, all marks for this section are allocated toward your observations and the facts used to form your opinion. No marks are awarded for style, spelling, or grammar. Journal entries with any more than 5 spelling mistakes or exceptionally poor grammar will simply be handed back for re-writing and resubmission.

What is a journal entry example?


10 marks as follows:  Up to 5 marks awarded for your explained observations/opinions; up to 5 marks awarded for evidence/references upon which your explained observations/opinions are based.

Your evidence must be documented in a bibliographical reference in order to earn your marks.

Conclusion – this section should be about a third of a page in length where you summarize the point you wanted to make in the journal entry and how the evidence led you to this conclusion: 2 marks.

Journal Content

You are welcome to write this journal using first or third person. It is meant to be a reflective assignment where you communicate your feelings and thoughts about a relevant subject of your choice relating to CSR (sustainability) using sources of interest to you. The reason for the documentation requirement is so that you can demonstrate the framework and the integrity