How did the pandemic effect our modern world?

How did the pandemic affect our modern world?

COVID-19 Pandemic /Modern World

Good sources from google scholars only!!

13-15 pages MAX!! preferably write 13 pages only!

Times new roman


-Your work should begin with a clear and focused
question, problem, or observation.



-Clear thesis statement

–  Outline

Abstract in the beginning

 – Introduction

– Body paragraphs

– Include solutions

 – Future predictions

-Positive effects

– negative effects

– Conclusion-

-List of preferences from google scholars or ebooks, reliable sources, needs to be a book or pre reviewed article. You can use films or documentaries

– You need to show your methodology.


The final draft should be approximately 15 pages in length, excluding footnotes,
endnotes, and bibliography.
• You should find and use at least 10 academic sources in the paper, excluding
readings from the syllabus.
• Format your work carefully. In particular, all references and quotations should be
cited within the essay using a standard referencing style, such as MLA, APA, or
Chicago and a bibliography should list all sources you have used in the paper.
Consult an expert if you are unsure how to cite sources correctly.


Important to give historical information

Include good clever questions

Add information that is happening in the United Arab Emirates

Add an opinion in the conclusion!

Futurology/ Talk about what could happen in the future due to this pandemic

Good background of the topic