How cyber-attack can ripple a company’s operations

How cyber-attack can ripple a company’s

select any aspect of Cyber Risk Management that we have discussed or alluded to during class
Keep in mind — you are persuading your audience to share your level of concern for your topic, so choose something that you are at least somewhat passionate about so the writing is less of a chore and flows freely
Your audience should be a decision-maker of some significance; this could be a U.S. Senator or President, a foreign Prime Minister, or a private-industry CEO
Breadth & Depth
As a practical matter, your whitepaper must serve as an assessment of student learning outcomes for the course
For that reason, your submission should indicate that you were learning throughout the entire semester (all course topics) and not completely ignore some areas of the course
Said differently, you should not be able to submit something that appears that you only attended one week of the course, since that is all you discussed
Alongside displaying familiarity of the breadth of course topics, you should also choose one or two topics to go into detail to display mastery of those Cyber Risk dimensions
Said differently, you want to show that you know a little about all the topics, and a lot about this one topic
Cafeteria / Buffet Analogy
Let’s say you are guiding your decision-maker through a cafeteria or buffet they have never experienced
It wouldn’t make sense to start on one edge of the food aisle and start to pile on to the plate
First, you should do a walk around the aisles and understand the available options (the “lay of the land”)
Highlight areas of interest to your decision-maker along the way (e.g., “Oh, look! They have crab legs!”)
Finally, persuade your decision-maker on your area of concentration (e.g. “Don’t fill up on rolls — head straight for the Prime Rib!”)
write in complete sentences with proper grammar
sentences should be grouped into logical paragraphs
write in U.S. English with appropriate academic tone
use a level of formality appropriate for a decision-maker
no colloquial phrasing, idioms, or casual email-style fragments
there is no minimum page/word requirement
successful whitepapers usually target 8,000-10,000 words
you may be able to achieve your goals with 7,000 words or fewer, but you would be outside the normal distribution historically