How can the concept of white privilege be expanded

How can the concept of white privilege be expanded to include gender privilege, class privilege, or heterosexual privilege?

  • Provide an example from your own experience of how a person may experience privilege based on one aspect of their identity and oppression based on another.
  • After listening to the interview with Dr. Flora, do you think the term privilege also applies to the region where someone lives, or the language or dialect he or she speaks? Explain why or why not.


Gender‐focused college courses seek to increase understanding of the systematic advantages associated with dominant group membership. These courses attempt to reduce prejudice and raise awareness of male and heterosexual privilege. Inclusion of privilege content within gender‐focused courses has increased, but research to test interventions to increase privilege awareness and reduce prejudice remains sparse. The current studies provide experimental information about awareness of heterosexual privilege (Study 1) and male privilege (Study 2) and specific interventions for use in education, professional development, and community settings.

concept of white privilege

Study 1 found the video intervention was effective in increasing heterosexual privilege awareness and internal motivation to respond without prejudice. Study 2 found that male privilege awareness was significantly increased and modern sexism was reduced by the video intervention. Findings provide information for applied practices such as pedagogical strategies when designing diversity courses and training workshops.

concept of women privilege

Prepare a post that describes your understanding of the concept of privilege using the Monahan reading and Dr. Flora’s interview (linked in Resources) as points of reflection. Response Guidelines
Prepare a response post to at least two of your peers. In your response, compare and contrast your own approach to the subject to that of your peer. Would you adopt something your peer suggested? What you would do differently?

What about heterosexual privilege?

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