How benchmarking is performed at the department level

How benchmarking is performed at the department level. Discuss internal benchmarks and how benchmarking is performed at the department level. Explain how a COO may use internal benchmarks to identify best practices within his or her organization.

Internal benchmarking refers to the process in which organizations determine the best practices within their own organization or the most favorable methodology for talking a particular task (Attiany, 2014). The aim of the process is to come up with the best available practice that will get a job done while using minimum resources and effort. Internal benchmarking entails a process where the organizations learn about their own structure which can be measured and defined. For instance, a shipping company can compare the success of shipping products in one site to another site of the same company. 

Data obtained from the process can be used to evaluate market performance and finance which is a critical feature in meeting organizational goals (Attiany, 2014). There is a certain procedure that is followed at the department level while carrying out internal benchmarking. Notably, the process is continuous with stepwise procedures. The procedure entails identifying benchmarking subject and comparative department, determining how data will be collected, determining the current competitive gap, and projecting what the future performance ought to be (Attiany, 2014). Additionally, findings are communicated to relevant people, an action plan is developed and implementation commences. 

How benchmarking is performed


Internal benchmarking is essential in identifying information that can be used to improve performance in an organization. A COC of an organization can use the results to identify best practice within his or her organization by identifying the strength and weakness of the internal process and maximizing the strength while eradicating the weakness (Hammerschmid, Van de Walle and Stimac, 2013). Additionally, he or she could share the finding across the various department of the organization to bring about changes that are positive. Certain factors such as policies contribute which are influenced by a COC affect the internal performance of an organization (Hammerschmid, Van de Walle and Stimac, 2013). Therefore, the COC can measure whether the current policies are effective or not.

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