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Watch one of the following links ________________________________________________________________________
Choice 1
Que Pasa USA

Choice 2
All in the Family
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByV2yUtmuHc  Archie bunker The Jeffersons move to the Neighborhood
If the link does not work you have this two choices:

Choice 3
Outsourced “Touched by an Anglo”
Choice 4
Interview with Eddie Huang
Intercultural Communication Chapter 3
Instructions- You can treat the choices provided as your main points (chose 2 of main point 1 and main point 2)Make sure to relate definitions such as the ones below, and write about how the videos and links provided in chapter 3.
1-What are cultural values?
2-What is culture shock?
3-What is a co-culture?
4-What is code switching?
5-Individualistic culture
6-Define low context culture and provide an example
7-Define and provide an example of high context culture
8-Define polychromic cultures (as seen in the show)
Outline must be around 400 words. You will cite your sources (APA format).

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