Home Rehab Day at Tymco

During the rehab, the staff members from different units at Tymco became better acquainted. First, everyone in this activity shared ideas and took responsibility for what they were expert on. Second, they trusted each group to work on different things. At last, the case also provides evidence that people worked in Tymco who came from different units worked a lot with each other rather than worked with people from their own discipline.
For example, Boudreau, the supervisor of technical documentation, worked with Benito from translation services and Jenkins from technical training, but not just worked with his own discipline workmates. Team spirit grows The home rehab day really gave a boost to team spirit. We can see that each member accepted assigned or self-appointed responsibility. They also discovered strengths and weakness. Only two days, they finished rehab the house. They worked well together. The ten participants painting the house together toward the end of the project showed that teamwork was developing.
At the end of the day, they exchanged smiles, high fives and hugs [1], and received positive feedback from the family. Problems in the house rehab day At the end of the day, Ian, a staff from the technical manual group, commented that replacing shingles having no particular impact on becoming a better team player. Ian’s comment was valid on both sides: fixing shingles didn’t fix relationships, and also valid because fixing that shingle couldn’t consider you a team player.

I agree with Ian’s comment because before we can have a better team player, it takes time to build up some bonds in order to get to work together. Maria and Cortez can’t really expect that a 2-days activity would change members’ perspective of working in a group. In my opinion, these kinds of activities should take place regularly maybe once a month. Also, the case mentioned that employees have actually never have lunch together, so maybe if they do that too, the relationship between them will be better.