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HN521 Discussion 9

HN521 Discussion 9.  
Working with Multi-Problem Families
Chapter  19 of the text reviewed multi-problem families using a multisystemic  model. It is important for human services professionals to have an  understanding of the role family environments play in determining  whether or not multiple problems arise within a family system. Please  use your readings and research peer-reviewed journal articles in the  Purdue Global Library to support your post.
Please respond to the following:

Chapter 19  discussed different risk factors related to youth problem behavior at  different parts of the social structure (Table 19.1). Choose two of  these risk factors and provide a summary of each.
Using the  two risk factors identified above, create a strengths-based intervention  or strategy that could be implemented to increase resilience. Provide a  brief summary and explanation of each intervention or strategy.
Consider the  risk factors you identified above in terms of public policy. Identify  one policy recommendation you would make to address these risk factors.  Explain your reasoning.

HN521 Discussion 9

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