History of The Gulf Midterm 1 Questions

History of The Gulf Midterm 1 Questions. Answer 8 of the following questions in short COMPLETE sentences. There is partial credit for answers so if in doubt, be more elaborate. You are asked to refer to page of books/articles when mentioned in your answer. 2 points each. Choose eight out of the ten questions and provide answers in the designated area of blackboard on October 7. Your answers MUST be in complete sentences, with reference to the readings, notes from class/or slides in each answer. 1. Explain the concept of capitalist imperialism and why that is helpful to understanding the modern Gulf. 2. What are at least two problems with the way traditional Euro-centric history frames the so-called “Tanzimat” reforms that are introduced to the Ottoman Empire. Make sure you get your dates right! 3. Give one example of how debt directly affected the Gulf and its relation to imperialism. 4. How does studying labor help us understand the modern Gulf’s history? Remember to reflect on assigned readings to provide an answer, but readings assigned BEFORE October 7. 5. Give two examples covered in your readings that reflect how history “from below” changes our interpretation of events of the modern Gulf.

History of The Gulf Midterm 1 Questions

6. What happened to the Sultanate of Oman in the first half of the 19th century? 7. What role did oil play in shaping the Gulf’s modern history prior to World War I? Give two examples please. REMEMBER TO REFERENCE any and all your material. 8. How did merchants influence the directly of Kuwait’s emergence in the late 19th century? 9. How can you explain the link between the Ottoman Empire and events within it to the events shaping the Gulf’s history? 10. Give two examples of how poverty shaped the manner in which the pre-World War II history of the Gulf moved. Essay Question (4 points) What role does infrastructure, transport, and/or the kinds of goods moved in the shaping of modern Gulf history? Please give at least two examples with references to pages and/or slides/videos. YOU MUST UPLOAD YOUR ANSWERS ON BLACKBOARD DURING CLASS, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7.

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