History Essay

From 1945 to present, what allowed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to have the opportunity to win the popular vote in last year’s presidency election?  Please explain how women left for work in 1942 and go back to the kitchen until women rights allowed a woman to run for President?

***Starting from WWII and move through each decade and highlight “at least” two significant events in each decade that played an important role in changing history.  Your answers need to start in 1944 and end to the individual mentioned in the question.  Don’t talk about the individual or about their life.  The question is solely based on Women and African American Rights. 

APA style at least 1000 word essay.
Must use at least 3 primary sources.
Incorporate an introduction, body and conclusion.
Organize paragraphs w approximately four sentences developing a single topic.
At least 2 pages fully typed text circumscribed by one inch margins, double spaced, at least 1000 words, standard type 12 point font, using APA, documenting all quotations and paraphrases, no plagiarism, with intuit plagiarism checker %. 

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