History & demographics of a selected area

History & demographics of a selected area. Follow the directions within each section of the assignment. For items I-V record the information on the form/tables provided. Submit the tables along with a title and reference page at the end of Unit 6. The title and reference page must be in APA format.

  1. Community Data: Gather vital statistical data to assess the community’s health status and to identify vulnerable populations in the community.
    1. Census Data: Gather Census Data to identify the population in your community and zip code. Identify three vulnerable populations & identify two potential health care needs for the identified vulnerable populations.
    1. Environmental Risk Assessment: Collect data to assess environmental risks for your assigned community or zip code.
    1. Community Member Interviews: Interview threecommunity members (for example: police, fireman, school teacher, community member [no official title], mechanic, librarian, business owner or store clerk/manager) to determine their perspective on the health of the community.
    1. Community Planning: Meet with a public health professional in the community and present assessment findings. Collaborate with the healthcare member to identify the top three priority needs for the assessed community or zip code area and outline a program plan to address one priority need for a target population.

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