History 21

New Deal policies were intended to address some of the needs of U.S. citizens in the aftermath of the Great Depression. Often the Implementation of policies and distribution of benefits during this period did not reach U.S. citizens equally. For this essay students will examine the following questions: How were immigration policies racially biased and who were they intended to protect? In what ways did housing policy practices simultaneously marginalize African-Americans and propel the building of white Americans’ wealth? In what ways was the racial terror inflicted upon Black communities in the South political and economic in nature? Do you believe governmental policies established since the New Deal through the Great Society/War on Poverty have an impact on today’s discrepancies in wealth across racial lines?

For the essay students will employ at minimum four of our course materials. They must include the essays by Tyner and Coates along with a chapter from Foner and one quote from Umoja. For the final material students may use any of the video clips or information from the lectures. Finally, to answer the questions students may want to do outside research on wealth discrepancies between races. If students wish they might use the following report: http://www.aasc.ucla.edu/besol/color_of_wealth_report.pdf

Must be Chicago style and 1300-1500 words

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