Debate instructions:
You have been divided into two groups. Group A will support SNCC and what evolved into the Black Power movement. Group B will support the SCLC (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s movement). To participate in the debate, you need to research both positions. The required work will help you. Who will you be in this debate? What character will you pick? It does not have to be an actual historical figure. You can be, for example, a white SNCC worker, or a Black Panther working in the breakfast program. Stay in character for your responses because each response is part of the debating.
The initial post will be at least 300 words. You are then required to continue the debate by posting responses to the arguments of the opposing group. At least two responses must be at least 100 words. Respond as many times as you wish. Your two best responses will be graded. Do not make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the United States during this period. Whatever you write should be in character. Be creative! Remember that everything you argue, although in character, must be grounded in academic research and must demonstrate you have done the required work.
Group A: Your last name begins with the letter N-Z.
Group B: Your last name begins with the letter A-M.


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