Hip Hop Research Proposal and music

Hip Hop Research Proposal and music. The evolution of hip hop but really dive into it and show what learned and talk about certain hip hop techniques like spinning on your head and how it is possible and pop and locks and how kids now and days just do tik toks but they have no idea where the dance came from / dance is changing and getting newer and newer everyday but I would also like to compare and contrast this generation of hip hop verse back in the day and just really keen in to certain aspects of hip hop not just overall the evolution get more detailed and I will send/order paper after the professor sees the proposal and oks it. Basically below is all the directions and info needed

Hip Hop Research Proposal and music

(Research Paper Proposal
Hip Hop Research Proposal and music. Read or Review the chapters on writing research papers posted on Moodle.
Present a tentative topic with a typed outline and bibliography list that are approved by the instructor. Submit a proposal sheet that includes the topic of research, an outline of the proposed project, and at least 4 bibliographic sources.
For the research paper, at least two of the four or more sources should be primary sources (including videos; journals, and the remainder can be Internet sources.
The research paper is due December 7th. (No unapproved topics or late research projects or late assignments will be accepted.
The body of the research paper will be at least 1,500 words (12point font = 6 pages double-spaced not including the bibliography). The paper will be typed.
The research paper will use newest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (typically used for historical writing). If you select another style manual, then please include this information in your bibliography.
Be prepared to discuss your findings and research paper

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