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Choose one of the four scenarios below and compose your thoughts on  how you would handle the situation as the manager of the health  information services department. In your post, be sure to identify which  scenario you are responding to.

I  recently started a job as the manager of an HIM department. I’ve learned  that the current assistant manager had also applied for the job and is  very unhappy about not getting the position. She has been undermining my  authority in the department and often goes behind my back to do things  her way. How can I resolve this problem?
Sarah, one of my best  medical coders, came across the medical record of a woman she knew from  college and learned that this woman had presented to the ER due to  complications from cosmetic surgery. Sarah told her roommate about this  woman, and her roommate then told several other people. The woman who  had been to the ER called the hospital to complain and threatened a  lawsuit. When confronted, Sarah admitted to the breach of  confidentiality. She hasn’t made any other mistakes, though, and I  really depend on her. How should I handle this situation?
The  stack of loose filing grows by several inches in my HIM department each  day. I can’t hire any more staff to get this under control. What should I  do?
Jeff has been working at our facility for 25 years. He is a  talented coder and a model employee. In the past few months, however, I  have noticed that Jeff’s work is not being completed at the same pace  as it used to be and that it is occasionally incomplete. He is often  late for work and is missing in meetings quite frequently, often without  realizing it. I think Jeff’s symptoms are the early stages of  Alzheimer’s disease, but I am afraid to bring it up to him. How should I  handle this?