Hilary Clinton and women representation in politics

Hilary Clinton and women representation in politics. In July 2016 when Hilary Clinton was declared the first female candidate to run for the presidency, the concept gave a representation of women in the United States politics a new meaning. Additionally, Barack Obama had become the first African American president which showed politics was becoming more inclusive (Kaba p100). However, Kaba goes ahead to claim that it is very unfortunate many examples of women and men representation in the United States does not include Black American women. Furthermore, they contribute immensely to the election of senators, governors, and presidential candidates. The experience of full citizenship has not been realized as shown by the refusal of the election of African American women in offices that are involved in making major decisions such as the Senate, Supreme Court, President, Vice President, etc.

Hilary Clinton and women representation in politics

According to Kaba, discussing equal gender representation without paying special attention to black women seems rather unfair (p 101). By the summer of 2016, there has been only one Black woman, Carol Moseley, elected in the office of Senate. Therefore, for the United States to become a perfect union, Black American women ought to be elected to offices so that they can participate in national leadership. In the modern times, to embrace a democratic society a nation should encourage a political culture that enables both women and men to take part in political and public matters. Nadeem and Sarah insist that the active participation of both men and women leads to development and enhances the global perception of a country and encourages foreign investment (p 81). On the other hand, women population in the world is higher than of men yet their representation as elected members in parliament is low.

It is clear that equal representation of women and men in politics is critical for a country’s development and enhancement of unity. Most countries are embracing the fact that women representation is important and policies are being developed to support the aspect. Additionally, countries that have the highest number of women representation in the government reflects the highest level of human development. However, more effort needs to be made to enhance equal gender representation.

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