HI 320 Health Data Discussion UNIT 3 Assignment 1 DATA Relationships

Unit 3 Assignment 1 Data Relationships
Attached Files:

 W3A1 Step by step instructions.docx (8.002 MB)
 W3A1 Step02-Build-Relationships-Betweeen-Tables.accdb (10.051 MB)

Assignment Objectives:

Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree

Domain III. Informatics, Analytics and Data Use
Subdomain  III.A. Health Information Technologies
Section 5. Evaluate system architecture, database design, data warehousing
Competencies: Data relationships

Assignment Purpose:
Create data relationships in an Access database
Assignment Description:
In this class, we will be creating and using Access Databases. You must have Microsoft Access on your computer to complete these assignments. IF you do not have Microsoft Access on your computer, go to the Bookstore tab on Blackboard, scroll down to the bottom of the page, there are instructions on how to obtain the Microsoft Office Suite.
There are four main objects that we will be working with in Access Database. They include Tables, Forms, Queries, and Reports. For this assignment, you will be creating relationships between tables in an access database using the access database attached (Step02-Build-Relationships – Between-Tables).
Download access database. Follow the attached step-by-step instructions on how to build relationships between tables.
Follow the step by step instructions, taking screen shots at different points.
Develop a paragraph (About 300 words) which discusses data relationships.
Submit your paragraph and the two screen shots for grading.

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