HHS paper

All submissions are via canvas in a WORD document format
For your next assignment I want you to create a detailed outline of your term paper. Following 
an outline format can help yo
u k
eep your thoughts organized and get your essay well 
underway. I cannot emphasize enough, that the more work and effort that you put into this 
assignment, the more feedback/comments you will receive.
While all people create outlines differently, I expec
t t
ime and thought to you into each of yours. I 
will be looking at your paper structure, the research you have done to support your paper thus 
far, and your overall grammar and structure. While some of you may not be as far as you would 
like to be in your 
NOW is the time to get caught up. I can assure you that the deadline will
come sooner that you know it and it is very important for you all to stay on top of this.
Outline EXAMPLE (
your submission does not have to be identical to this)

General info about topic, reason for reader to be interested, context, etc. 

Gives an overview of any issues involved with the subject 

key terminology needed to understand the topic

Highlights Background information on the topic needed to u
rstand the direction of 
the paper

Thesis statement: The introduction must end with your THESIS STATEMENT
Topic Sentence I. 
detail/example/data etc. 
etc. Transition
Topic Sentence 2:
Topic Sentence 3, 4, 5….. as needed

Restate your thesis from the introduction in different words

Briefly summarize each
main point found in the body of the paper

Give a statement of the consequences of not embracing the position (persuas
ive only) 

End with a strong statement: an appropriate, meaningful final sentence that ties the
whole point of the paper togethe

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