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Post Topic:
Discuss the team dynamics for a highly effective or ineffective team of which you were a member. Can you explain why the team performed so well or so poorly? 

Reply to following posts with at least 140 words and at least 1 cited reference, do not  say, good job, way to go, etc. Your reply should reflect an understanding of the situation and the reading materials.

Post 1:
The team dynamics that were effective in a platform that I was a member entail Commitment, contribution, cooperation and communication.
Commitment was present in the field I was in, in the sense that colleagues had the option to realize in what way their work fits into commercial targets and they concur that their company’s ideas are feasible and lined up with commercial mission and abilities. Responsibility is the establishment for collaboration in gatherings (Cooke, 2015). People are happy to set aside close to home requirements to help the work group or the organization.
As far as involvement is worried, members had the straight extent to their capacities as people and their movement were in tandem. Work units need personalities who have compact specific and relational skills and are happy to realize. Groups additionally need self-pioneers who assume liability for completing things (Fapohunda, 2013). Be that as it may, if a couple of colleagues shoulder a large portion of the weight, the group risks part burnout, or more regrettable part turn-off.
For the attribute of communication, a work assembly to arrive at its extreme capacity, individuals must probably say what they think, appeal help, distribute new or unpopular opinions, and hazard binding errors (Cooke, 2015). This can just occur in an air where coworkers show concern, trust each other, and interest on activities, not issues.
Most difficulties in the working environment today require considerably more than great independent execution. In progressively complex associations, achievement relies on the level of relationship perceived inside the group. Pioneers can encourage collaboration by featuring the effect of individual individuals on group profitability and explaining esteemed colleague practices (Cooke 2015).
Therefore, the team in which I was a member was able to perform well because there were existing attributes that entails contribution, cooperation, communication and commitment in the to the course.
Cooke, N. J. (2015). Team cognition as interaction. Current directions in psychological science, 24(6), 415-419.
Fapohunda, T. M. (2013). Towards effective team building in the workplace. International Journal of Education and Research, 1(4), 1-12.

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