1. Domains and Competencies
First, you will need to choose a content area that has learning standards and a specialized professional association. Some standard areas are Reading, Technology, Math, English, History, Science, PE, Music, Dance, and Theater. Your next step will be to locate the most current standards for initial licensure programs. Those standards cover the content of an entire degree program in that area. You are only being asked to develop a portion of a degree for this course, so please choose one standard. Your standard may have several competencies underneath it. 
Take the standard you have chosen and write one domain for your program. Review the sample domains and competencies in the Resource folder as a guide. Once you have finished writing the domain, develop three to five competencies that students must master in order to achieve the goal of that domain. In further topics, you will develop activities, assessments, lesson plans, and syllabi to go with this domain and its competencies.
2. Reflection———-
In 150-250 words, reflect on the domain that you chose and how you decided on the competencies aligned with it. Why did you cho0se the particular standard from which to build?  How are you going to use this in your future professional practice?
Submit a document with both the domain and the competencies on it.

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2-Please answer based on these answers as they are listed, each one must be answered in APAform and not less than 150 words

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