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Bab 1: Dunia Melalui Deria Kita B6 D1 E1 Technological devices which are suitable for overcoming the limitations of sight and hearing Microphone Microphone make sound louder and clearer . We often use it when we giving informations at busy and noisy place Hearing Aids Hearing aids can be defined as any devices that amplify the acoustic signal to a degree that enable individuals with hearing loss to use their remaining hearing in a use ful and efficient manner Stethoscopes Helps doctors to detect lung, stomach and the soft heartbeats of patients .
The listener can hear normal and abnormal respiratory, cardiac, pleural, arterial, venous, uterine, fetal, and intestinal sounds. Telescope To see far objects such as stars and planets. Besides that, it consists of two convex lenses ( eyepiece lens) Binoculars Provide stereoscopic vision of distant objects for seeing tiny object . A pair of identical telescope mounted side by beside in the same direction allowing the viewer to use both eyes when viewing distant objects. Ultrasound scanning device To scan and see the fetus a pregnant mother .
Shaped like microphone is pressed against the area being scanned . It also send out very high frequency sound waves into the area being scanned. Technological Devices To Overcome Limitations Of Sight Microscope Instrument to magnify objects such as virus and cell . To see object that are too small to the naked eyes Magnify glass To magnify tiny objects appear larger than the original shaped. The convex lens use to produce magnified image of an object . It also called a hand lens in lab context . The limited magnifying power -10 to 15 tim

X-rays X-rays can also be used to detect the condition of certain organs or detect of bones. In medical X-rays . The X-rays penetrate the internal soft body tissues and form images on a film which can be examined by a radiologist Limitation of Sight & Hearing Introduction Humans have sight and hearing limitation. Without any devices, our sight and hearing was limited. Limitations of sight can be overcome by using appropriate optical devices such as microscope, telescope . The range of frequency of hearing is 20Hz and 20000Hz.
Hearing loss can occur at any age, but most often affects individuals that are between the ages of sixty –five . Following have been identified as causes for hearing loss, a built up of ear wax, hereditary and degenerations . Doctors have been able to attribute some forms of hearing loss to inner ear nerve damage that can be caused by overexposure to loud environments. Hearing limitations can be overcome by using appropriate hearing aids such as stethoscope ,megaphone, microphone ,earphone, headphone and others . All of these devices help us to make our life easier.