Healthy Change Video

ACTION Part One: The Healthy Change Explainer Video (Week 12)
Part 1: Design your own 1-2 minute SimpleShow explainer video that will be promoted on Social Media using this script Format:
Personal story/testimonial (your #HealthyChange story) using this story formula:

Non-compliance or anti  (Pre-contemplation) – what was the problem/struggle you faced
Awareness  (Contemplation) – how did you find more positives than negatives for changing
Planning  (Preparation) – what what FIU program/resources, did you discover and use for your #HealthyChange journey
Practicing  (Action) – what successes did you have during your journey?
Managing – (Maintaining) – what keeps you going?

Add Website URL for this organization/service/activity. 
How that organization may have or could impact your own journey

End with an encouraging call to action (CTA) to inspire others to begin their own healthy change journey
Video content minimum of 1:30 – 3 minutes in length
Family friendly content that highlights your personal/professional brand

ACTION Part Two: The Campaign (week 13)
EVERY video needs to have: #HealthyChange, #FIU in your posts.

POST: Download your video from SimpleShow and then post to your social media account. (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn) 
PROMOTE: for at least 5 days, using a variety of following techniques to promote your video on social media:

Use the #HealthyChange, #FIU, etc. in your posts
Pull key words/phrases from your video topic and find appropriate hashtags to add to your post
talk about it in your post – why your topic, how it impacted you, etc.
tag specific friends with a personal message
Repost different times of the day each day to compare engagement
Reply to any comments you receive
Post comments on fellow classmates videos (post video links in Discussion and search for #HealthyChange)
Optional: boost post with a short paid campaign

TRACK: set up a metrics chart to track your posts engagement (comments, shares and like).

Sample video: