Healthcare operations questions

In APA format, respond to the questions in Part 1. In MS Excel, complete the exercises in part 2.

Part 1
1. What is operations management in health care?
2. How is health care representative of a system?
3. What are the five key goals of operations managers?
4. Does operations management affect a hospital’s competitive advantage?
5. What are three of the key trends affecting hospital operations?
6. Who is considered the “father” of scientific management?
7. How are decisions made in organizations?

Part 2
1. Assume that a project has an expected total duration of 25 days, but several optimistic employees feel that it can be completed in as little as 18 days, while others expect it to take nearly 40 days. Using program evaluation and review technique calculations, what is the project duration to be used in project Gantt charts and other tracking tools?
2. If a critical path method calculation of project duration was 25 days, how does the program evaluation and review technique calculation in Question 1 compare?

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