HealthCare Informatics

  Please pay keen attention to details. At least 5 references. Proper English, reference and in text citation
Choose a specific focus of patient practice (e.g., acute care hospital, clinic, primary care, long-term care, home health). Select a particular disease process (congestive heart failure, fall, diabetes, etc.). Identify and fully describe a technology element that could be involved in providing care to a patient with your selected disease process and the patient practice. Define how this technology will integrate treatment, monitoring or communication from the identified care setting to the home and then to ongoing care through the clinic.
Your case report must include the following:
1. Introduction with a problem statement and your disease process described from the focus of patient practice.
2. Synthesized literature review.
3. Description of the case/situation/conditions. Use a real life patient situation or condition to describe your case, including the problems the patient encounters and the barriers to care.
4. Describe at least one technology that may be used as a solution to the patient situation or condition described in your case.
5. Describe how the technology can be used specifically in the case you have proposed.
6. Summary of the case integrating proposed solutions(s).

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