Health Statistics and Research

Health Statistics and Research

Health Statistics and Research
The initial few steps of research start with picking a topic, narrowing that topic down to something manageable, and then formulating a research question from it. Using what you have learned in this week’s module, fill out the attached template with possible research questions you may be interested in exploring for the final project. You can type directly onto the PDF. In the attachment labelled: Week 1 – Creating a Research Question.pdf


This week we are talking about selecting a general research topic (I chose Diabetes) and narrowing the focus of study.
Pick a general research topic that interests you and do an informal internet search to become more familiar with the topic and any subtopics that may help you narrow your topic. Titled your discussion post with your broad topic.
Once you’ve completed your background search on the topic, begin to identify narrower topics of research (related to #1).
Using the MeSH database, build a search on your topic using any of the subheadings provided and/or additional co-topics. Once you complete this step, post your MeSH Search Builder results and the number of articles returned. Take a moment and watch the in-depth video tutorial below to learn how to use MeSH terms effectively (it is very helpful).


Health Statistics and Research: Compare and contrast the fee-for-service and PFS/RBRVS reimbursement systems

Health Statistics and Research

Finally, pick a study abstract that interests you and provide a quick 3-4 sentence summary of the study. Cite your abstract using APA formatting.

“Grace Greene, RHIA, has been offered a leadership position at Greater Good Hospital to assist in improving the hospital’s revenues. The hospital recognized that her knowledge and experience in coding and clinical documentation would be valuable in this effort, but these are not the only skills that will be needed to fine-tune the hospital’s revenue cycle. Recognizing that many components of the revenue cycle and many hospital departments have a role to play, what are some of the processes that Grace and her team should examine in assessing where the hospital currently stands and in looking for possible areas of improvement?”

1.”Compare and contrast the fee-for-service and PFS/RBRVS reimbursement systems.
2. How does documentation in an industrial health center differ from that in a physician’s practice and why?
3. How is quality assessment in ambulatory care similar to and different from quality assessment in the acute inpatient setting?”

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