Health Promotion – Determinants of Health

Health Promotion – Determinants of Health. It is instructive to look at life expectancy in the United States. Beginning in the early 20th century, now through the year 2003, you will note a gain in life expectancy of approximately 30 years. It is instructive to note that 25 of those years, the majority of this gain, can be attributed to advances in public health affecting the determinants we are going to be speaking about in this presentation. It’s also interesting to look at life expectancy at 65 years of age; you’ll see that there hasn’t been much of an increase from the early part of the 20th century to 2003.

The purpose of this assignment/project is to relate current media articles in the local area to the determinants of health.  The student will address how an individual’s health or a population’s health can be affected by the determinants of health. The assignment is completed individually and can be in the form of a written paper.

Health Promotion – Determinants of Health

Select and submit a media-based article from your local area.           Submit the publication date and author of the media article     (excluding Metro or 24).  Use APA method to reference the             article and other information in your assignment. (Submit a link to the article or a scanned version, with the assignment.) Identify a particular determinant of health the article relates to. Describe the population who is affected. Be as specific as      possible (age group, gender, neighbourhood etc). Explain how the determinant of health identified in “B” impacts the health of the individual/s or population. (It either improves or   challenges their health). Name and describe at least one other determinant of health that      impacts the wellbeing of the identified individual/s or population. In   addition, explain how this second determinant of health interacts         with, or is affected by the original determinant you identified in “B”. Considering how the individuals’/groups’ health is either improved or        challenged by the determinants; what health promotion strategies  can be implemented to promote or maintain the health of the identified individuals or groups? (give at least two specific examples of health promotion interventions). 


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