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 2 pages for rough draft of this signature assignment with at least 5 to 6 references and  Students must cite at least 3 peer reviewed journal articles.

this is the the outline;

  Osteoarthritis Disease
A. Introduction
i. A degenerative joint condition which is affecting as many as 27 million people in the United States
ii. It is an inflammatory condition which occurs when the cartilage which cushions the joint get wears away. 
iii. It is not restricted not only to the elderly individuals but also the younger individuals 
iv. It starts with morning joint stiffness, the aching pain; limited range of the motion (David, 2013). 
B. Intrapersonal-individual knowledge
i. Majority of people are lacking knowledge concerning the management of the osteoarthritis disease. 
ii. Also, the knowledge on the management of the osteoarthritis also appears to be pervasive amongst the majority of the public healthcare physicians 
iii. There is a lack of structured training programs about the osteoarthritis. 
iv. Effective structured Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs which can take place in the model of the classes and seminar with the rheumatologist are important for the physicians (Al-Hazmi, 2012). 
v. Some patients are enthused regarding the principle of individual management
vi. Patients are supposed to offer adequately helpful insight of the non-operative supervision to enhance the embracing of the observance in the management of the osteoarthritis illness (Smith, Purdy, Salter, Fleetcorft, & Conaghan, 2014). 
C. Interpersonal/social support-friends/families, doctors,
i. The community resources in place to support the individuals with osteoarthritis disease
ii. Role of the social support among patient with osteoarthritis disease
iii. The relationship between family support; pain and the depression in elderly with osteoarthritis (Man, Jerry, Maren, Anthony, Wei, & Wendy, 2016) 
D. Organizational-state/local health departments, professional associations
i. Public Health Agencies educating the public 
ii. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) providing direct funding to the national firms for the arthritis activities
iii. National Association of Chronic Disease Directors which represents and serve the needs of the chronic illness program directors for state health departments in the United States.  



Al-Hazmi, A. H. (2012). Knowledge, attitude, and   practice of primary health care physicians in the management of   osteoarthritis in Al-Jouf province, Saudi Arabia. Nigeria Medical Journal,   53 (4), 213-219.
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Smith, T. O., Purdy, R. L., Salter, C., Fleetcorft, R.,   & Conaghan, P. G. (2014). Attitudes of people with osteoarthritis toward   their conservative management: a systematic review and meta-ethnography. Rheumatol   International, 34 (3), 299-313. 

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