Health issue in a community (Public Health concern)

Health issue in a community (Public Health concern). This assignment constitutes the second step of your final project. The final project is a 10-slide presentation exploring public health goals and a public health response to a health problem. Prompt: You will examine and summarize the epidemiological factors surrounding your selected issue/topic. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: II. Epidemiology A. Analyze the epidemiological patterns, causes, and effects of the health issue in the population. The following are examples:  Patterns may appear in the way the issue is distributed in the population, including the distinguishing characteristics of those affected. Things to look at include persons, places, and time. (For example, in an infectious disease outbreak, public health professionals look at when people became ill and where might they have been exposed given the incubation period for that disease.

Health issue in a community (Public Health concern)

In a sense, public health professionals look for the common element that explains why all of these people became ill. What do they have in common?)  Causes are factors that influence one’s own risk of the disease. Causes might include individual behavioral patterns, environmental and economic conditions, lack of access to healthcare, and so on.  Effects may be seen in lower life expectancy, increased incidence of disease, higher crime rates, and so on. B. Describe at least two social determinants associated with the issue. How do these determinants impact health outcomes for those affected by this issue? What are the factors (e.g., age, work, socioeconomic status) that have an impact on the affected population? C. Describe known disparities (i.e., socioeconomic, demographic, educational, cultural, and geographic) associated with the health outcomes of specific populations with regard to the public health issue.

Writer may choose any health issue in a community (Public Health concern)

Examine the patterns, causes, and effects of your selected issue.

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