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The facility wants to take in as many tenants’ as it could without having the patients’ wait an extremely long time. Implementing strategies mentioned below will give facilities better reviews from patients’ further letting others know about how efficient the staff is about getting patients’ seen faster. When a patient comes in to see a doctor for the first time, they are given a stack of papers which gives the doctor, and medical Insurance specialist information on medical Insurance, demographics, medical history, family history, and so on.
This Is a process which prolongs the wait time for the new patient. This can easily be fixed by Implementing a strategy to which patient’s fill out registration forms online at their own time before the appointment. A way to further this strategy Is to have an upload feature on the practice’s website to where the patient can also send copies of the insurance card and ID to the practice. This method can then be scanned into their electronic medical record software.
If the patient does not own a computer, or have access to the Internet, they can have the option to have the forms mailed to them. Another strategy to implement on effective patient intake is to have a card system here each card is assigned a patient and once swiped, gives the medical insurance specialist the information on the patient. The patient can either carry the card, or the practice can keep them on hand. Having a card system will ensure patient’s Intake process Is fast, as well as the patient being checked out fast.

Having a card system will allow a faster way to which a medical Insurance specialist can upload information sent from the patient through the practice’s website onto the card system and the electronic medical record software. To improve a doctor’s office further, implementing a strategy to where a patient will to be seen if more than 10 minutes late will also improve the time which a patient is seen by a doctor. According to Cootie, Patella, and Gonzalez (2008), “On-time patients were found to have a longer wait time once in the exam room for the physician than those that were late (14. В± 9. 2 minutes versus 11. 0 В± 8. 4 minutes, P = . 005); however, those patients spent a significantly longer time with the physician” (Para. 1). If patients’ are aware of a late arrival, they will be more adept to arriving on time. This strategy will Improve how fast patients’ are being seen with the amount of time being pent on each patient. This strategy can be stated In the practice’s policies which are given to a patient upon registration and made aware of at that time. There can also come into the office.
When a patient comes in and registers at the front office, there are multiple people handling all sorts of tasks, such as answering the phones, checking in patients. Entering patient information and taking patient’s to rooms where their pulse, weight, and reason for visit is taken down. Because of these multi-tasters, it is usually difficult to get patient registered fast enough to be seen. For this reason, at a busy office, there should be one person dedicated to registering patients to maximize the efficiency of patient intake.
This will also ensure that all information from the patient is accurate. This will also ensure that established patients’ information is current and up-to-date. With the implementation of these strategies to improve patient intake, patients’ will feel better knowing they can have a visit to the doctor without having to wait a long time. Patients’ also look for doctor’s practices to where the wait time is short between all processes of intake.

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