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Health Care Facilities Description

Health Care Facilities Description. This should be a comprehensive review of the organization. It will include the purpose of the practicum ( yours & the organization’s) primary individuals involved, goals and objectives. The organizations mission, goals, values, and philosophy and services should be documented. It should include the organizational chart and decision making structure (e.g. centralized v. decentralized) ¬†other organizational data would include: type of personnel, facility’s funding and financial standing, etc. A literature search relevant to the project should be conducted, as well as the plan you intend to follow to complete your project. ( no more than 7-10 pages double spaced 12 font) Also a Powerpoint not pleased with mine. The slide needs to include types of services offered type of population served staffing and composition,organizational chart,business structure( not for profit), recent changes in business model,business outlook, facilities operations, add anything you think we should know about the facility to engage the students (quiz game song dance) no more than 7 slides

Health Care Facilities Description

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