Health Care Case Mod 1

Apply your creativity and what you learned from the SLP assignment on “Health Literacy” to create a flyer, poster, or brochure on 1-2 PowerPoint slides to educate the public on a health issue of your choice. Use one of the case studies from the CDC website at or the Ad Council website at to kick off a campaign that raises awareness for this issue. Be sure to include images.

Click on the linked PowerPoint tutorial to learn important basics, and review and bookmark the following websites for Word tutorials:
PowerPoint training courses, videos and tutorials

PowerPoint 2013
PowerPoint 2010
Word for Mac Training

Assignment Expectations
Develop a flyer, poster, or brochure by placing its contents on 1 or 2 PowerPoint slides. Be creative and use images and a variety of formats demonstrated in the linked PowerPoint tutorial. Remember to apply the principles of health literacy and communication as you develop your content.

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Discussion Along with PA 2 Paper

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