Healing Systems Chart

Please complete the highlighted portion on the attached sheet. 

Each member of the collaborative team needs to select  and complete one system.
(Be sure to include your name with your choice  as verification of completing the one section.)  
The Instructor will fill in the Conventional section
Using APA format, cite all sources in your own section.
Include all references on a reference page.

Using APA format, cite all sources in your own section.
Include all references on a reference page.

Essentially, this is a reminder that you MUST provide APA formated citations for each box you fill in, along with the APA formatted reference to be placed on the reference page. Please use the Citation Generator in the university library to generate your own citations and references prior to reposting your portion of the assignment here. If you do not properly cite your sources in APA format, I will not include your portion in the spreadsheet, which could prevent you from receiving credit for this assignment. 

To clarify: do NOT just include the link or URL with your work. You MUST include a citation for EACH BOX, and the reference for EACH CITATION to be listed at the bottom. There are 4 separate boxes for each topic. if you use a separate source for each box, you should include 4 different citations and 4 different references. If all of your boxes are cited from 1 source, then all four boxes should have a citation, with one reference to be listed at the bottom. 

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