Headphones Get in the Way of the Office Communication

Headphones Get in the Way of the Office Communication. The article When Headphones Get in the Way of the Office Communication explores the role of headphones as the new wall hindering effective communication. Communication is a work place plays a significant role in enhancing team work. Unfortunately, ear buds and headphones have become popular in work place as workers feel they need to block out everything to enhance concentration (Walker, 2018). Notably interrupting a colleague wearing headphones requires more effort compared to a person without them. Moreover, you have to raise your voice slightly higher or knock at the desk which also gets the attention of the people around. Similarly, a person would be forced to use touching which sometimes does not portray good gesture.

In an office, a person ought to communicate the message that they are approachable for a quick conversation. Therefore, if wearing headphones is causing communication problems, the issue should be addressed. Additionally, the article states that a person wearing headphones communicates the message “don’t talk to me” that is not great in an office. Effective communication entails maintaining face-to-face contact and creating an open environment (Walker, 2018).

Headphones Get in the Way of the Office Communication

Some workers assume that when it is their time to take a break it is okay to wear headphones. Therefore, during this time they send the message that they are not in a position to talk to anyone. One the other hand, a colleague may be in a rush to convey an important message and the communication process end up becoming annoying. The article plays an important role in depicting an ongoing trend in the office. Wearing headphones may enhance concentration but also hinders communication. In an office, people are often required to communicate and it is important they portray a message that they are approachable.

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