HCM 415


Once an organization has defined its mission, vision, and values and assessed the environment, it needs to take a look at the external forces that affect it. These external forces will impact how the organization implements its strategic plan. In this journal activity, you will analyze your case study to identify how external forces impact the situation.
You will review your case study again and develop a journal assignment that explains how external forces impact strategic planning by addressing threats from different market and service area competitors. In the assignment, be sure to address the following:

Provide a brief summary of the external forces that affect the organization. Explain who the competitors are and the market space they affect.
Provide an interpretation of the external forces and your case study organization’s competitive advantage. What areas of the organization are affected by the external forces, and how does your case study’s organization stand out?
Discuss how the external forces should impact the strategic planning of the organization. Be sure to address how the organization should address the threats from the external forces using its competitive advantage.

To successfully complete this assignment, view the External Forces Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

  Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. 

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