Hca 220

Week 3 DQ 1 due Tuesday Day 2 Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question and apply the concepts and teachings from the weekly readings by clicking on Reply: ?n the field of health care administration, why is it important that everyone within the facility use medical terminology correctly? How can using correct medical terminology improve patient outcomes and services within the facility? What could be some potential problems if medical terminology is used incorrectly?
RESPONSE: Using the right medical terminology on healthcare can first stop the common cause of deaths in patients of medical errors. Some medical terms have the same abbreviations and may sound and look alike but different meanings. We as healthcare professionals have to be aware because verbal or written orders like scope or scopy may look similar but two different meanings. I work as a secretary and half the time I verify my orders with medical staff just to make sure of no mistakes.
When the floor is busy I have to pay extra attention to details for instance a tube of blood may come out from a cesarean section and you won’t know if its a cord blood gas or just regular cord blood order Reading back orders are confirming orders will help to decrease medical errors. Effective communication is the key to working towards teamwork and that’s what medical professionals have to know. If orders are not correct, they may result to medication errors of giving the wrong dose of medicine or re drawing blood on a patient which can been avoided. Improper treatment is a major concern that should not be risked.

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