Hazard Paper

Instructions: After reading the Unit IV Lesson and your assigned readings, choose three substances from the below lists. One substance must be a gas/vapor hazard, one must be an aerosol hazard, and one must be a biological hazard.
Gas: Ammonia, Arsine, Acetylene, Carbon Monoxide
Vapor:  Acetone, Benzene, Ethyl Alcohol, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide
Dusts (e.g. coal dusts, hardwood dusts, silica dust)
Mists (e.g. ink mist, mineral oil mist from metal working fluid)
Fogs (e.g. methyl bromide, propylene glycol)
Fumes (e.g. metal fumes, paraffin wax food fumes, asphalt roofing or paving fumes)
Smokes (e.g. tobacco smoke, laser surgery smoke, diesel exhaust smoke
Fibers: e.g. asbestos, fiberglass, synthetic fibers
Write a minimum of one page for each hazard you choose (a minimum of three pages total), which summarizes the following information:

Explain whether the substance is a chemical or      biological hazard, and explain how you determined that.
Explain the key chemical properties (vapor      pressure, vapor density, molecular weight, relative size) as applicable,      and describe how these properties affect the different routes of exposure.      Based on the chemical properties, how would you identify which exposure      route is the most important?
Analyze how the substance could enter the body      through the dermal route, and discuss why the dermal route would or would      not be important.
Describe the region of the respiratory system      where deposition would be expected (only for the aerosol hazard).

§ You should use your textbook and resources from the College Online Library to obtain information for this assignment. You must use proper APA formatting for all references that you use. The title page and reference page do not count toward meeting the required page count.

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