Hawthorne use of symbols in Dark Romantic

Hawthorne use of symbols in Dark Romantic

Hawthorne’s use of symbols in Dark Romantic.

“Young Goodman Brown is both the devil and the young man of Salem” (Apseloff                  103). Explain.


Stanford, Apseloff and Marilyn Apseloff. “Young Goodman Brown.” American Notes


And Queries (1982): 102-108. Academic Search Complete. Web. 9 September




  1. As a Dark Romantic, Hawthorne makes use of symbols. List three examples and explain their significance.


  1. What other components classify this story as Dark Romantic?


  1. Per Hawthorne, he writes in a way that yields multiple interpretations. How do you interpret the enigmatic ending?




Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher”


  1. As a Dark Romantic Poe makes great use of symbols from the first paragraph. How?


  1. Poe leaves the rational world and discovers the unsettling truth that lies in the dark, irrational depths of the human mind. Additionally, Poe was fascinated by phantasmagoria.

(Definition from dictionary.com)

A shifting series of  phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or

as created by the imagination.




  1. Poe’s narrator is typical of his stories. He appears to be initially objective, but his rationality becomes suspect during the course of the tale. How do you account for this change?


  1.  What do you think is happening at the end of the story when Madeline appears?


  1. How might the poem “The Haunted Palace” be read as an allegory?


Dark Romantics Literary Research Discussion. The Dark Romantic reading assignment requires you to read two stories from the list of reading choices; I chose Hawthornes “Young Goodman Brown” and Poes “The Fall of the House of Usher”


How might the poem “The Haunted Palace” be read as an allegory?

Hawthorne’s use of symbols in Dark Romantic.

Hawthorne’s use of symbols in Dark Romantic.
Read the reading questions associated with the stories you choose; As usual, while you read the stories, you should take note of important points to analyze, using the question sheet as a guide. Take note of the differences between the two authors and their use of Dark Romantic style. What interests you the most about the authors you chose? Read literary criticism in Galileo and/or JSTOR about one of the authors you chose. When you start the search in Galileo and/or JSTOR, select “full text” and “peer reviewed” articles. What type of article are you looking for? All I ask is that it is literary criticism that speaks to the author’s literary style and/or the author’s contributions to American Literature. It should enhance your understanding of the author’s work in a way that you can support with textual evidence from the stories you analyzed; this is exactly like the assignment we just completed with Whitman, but the difference is that you are allowed to find your own article or you may read one of the essays that I provided for in the “Literary Criticism” folder in the Dark Romantics unit. You will also be using citations in your discussion post and writing a Works Cited for the secondary and primary sources.