Hashing Algorithm responses

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The MD5 was an algorithm that was used to secure information. Using a 128 bit this was supposed to be a great way to keep a security a main priority until collisions became an issue. Due to the low bit, this created fewer combinations used for signatures. This means it started to create multiples of the same combinations. This made it seem as though valid signatures were produced when really, they were not.  SHA-1 is another algorithm that is used to be able to secure information. Unlike the MD5 this algorithm will use a 160-bit hash value. The thought was the larger number of bits the more secure the data would be creating less risk for a breach. This is true as well with the larger amount of bit it has a better statistical value of never repeating itself. That is the main source of protections with using a hash I by making the most possible combinations without the least possibility of a collision. Not wanting a repeat is then end goal. So, my thought is the bigger the better. Before doing more research I already had this opinion in mind as well. It would just make sense that it would be better to have more options to create a better possibility.


The difference between SHA-1 and MD5 are so little with the bit increase from 128 to 160, but this makes a drastic difference.  Since MD5 has been confirmed that the birthday problem or birthday paradox will work with its hash, the integrity of this function has been lost.  While it may take minutes to years for the collision to happen, it’s still susceptible for it to occur. Since hash uses mathematics, it makes sense that by increasing the bit would make it more secure.  Since SHA-1 is more secure it is slower than MD5, which makes SHA-1 more complex and more secure. 
As with all algorithm’s, security is what is examined.  SHA has progressed further than SHA-1 and if we examine the increases, the bits have also increased.  SHA-2 uses 256 bit, which is accepted by different kinds of software.  SHA-2 can even go up to 512, but it isn’t as readily supported.   With the increase in bits, there is a less likely chance of a collision, but it doesn’t always mean that it’ll be secure.

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