Halloween in Calgary

Story assignment two Halloween is one of the biggest days of the year, and from the many who celebrate it can agree that a lot goes into preparation. “This is the one time a year where you get to dress up and pretend to be someone you’re not” said Sean Mason. A first year SAIT ACAD student excited to spend his first Halloween living on SAIT’s residence and celebrate his first in Calgary. Halloween is celebrated differently the older we get, from going door to door receiving candies from strangers to preparing nd attending parties.
Some are traditions that people share with their families and others Just like to celebrate by themselves. “Being away from family is tough around Halloween”. Mason told me, “l take my sister trick or treating every year, guess this is the one year she’ll have to go without me and that’s kind of heartbreaking. ” It’s amazing how something as small as taking a younger sibling trick or treating could have such a huge significance. With all the things he will miss, Mason is still looking forwards to the holidays.
He seems to be excited for the spending Halloween with some of the new classmates and friends he’s met this semester, and experience first-hand Halloween in Calgary. Not all post-secondary students Halloween celebrations are full of excitement, so claims second year SAIT business student Krystal Duffy. “Halloween is the one night a year where girls use that lame excuse to dress slutty, and honestly it sickens me.