Gym Goers

Three Categories of Gym-Goers NAU: Composition 1 Three Categories of Gym-Goers People go to the gym to benefit their lifestyles by getting back in shape, right? Most people that go to the gym do not fit into any other category other than “normal”, meaning that there is nothing specific about them that stick out. Then there are those who definitely stick out with certain qualities you just can’t seem to escape from. There are always different categories gym-goers fall into and they are starting to stand out more and more.
The different categories you will find at the gym are; the coach, the loud meathead showoff, and the social butterfly. The first category is “the coach”. The coach is the guy that thinks he knows everything about anything. Typically these types of people are yelling from across the gym that “you can do it! ” or “you’re not doing that right” then goes on to tell you the exact steps about the exercise as if you wanted their help. These people will have on the best work out clothes and shoes you can get because they think they make you perform better.
Right when you think they are gone and have left you alone, there they are right by your side again coaching you through your workout. Nothing is worse than when you are running and someone comes up and tries talking to you, but these people are there telling you that you need to go faster and start nagging on the way that you are running. You might give them dirty looks in the mirror and try to tell them to go away, but you can’t talk or yell at them because you can’t breathe from all the running. The second category is “the loud meathead showoff”.

Many of times these types of gym goers are the people wearing shirts that show off their muscles and always are looking in the mirror flexing. They are constantly screams “oh yeah! ” and grunt very loudly to make sure everyone in the gym hears them to draw attention. They are the type of people that will go right next to someone while working out making sure they are doing everything ten times better than that person. You see these people usually with buddies that do the same thing and they will grunt face to face while flexing at each other and saying “WHOO! They might come over to you while you are doing pull-ups, grab the bar, and do five pull-ups to your one while they grunt loudly. They tend to hang out in a group at the end of their work out and have a protein shake and converse about who lifted more, how many reps they did, and when they will meet tomorrow for their next work out. The third category is “the social butterfly”. Usually, this is the person that goes to the gym with hopes of working out but never actually does so because they are too busy talking to everyone. They know absolutely everyone at the gym by first and last name and what they do for a living.
They try their hardest to be involved in every joke and conversation. They might start on the treadmill but then they see someone, get off the treadmill, and have an hour conversation with that person. They are almost always the nicest person in the gym and will come over while you are stretching to say hi so they can avoid working out. They are the people that are at the gym for a few hours and claim that they did an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training just to make their selves feel better about the fact that they talked to people the whole time they were there.
They will usually spend about thirty minutes on one machine just because they are having a conversation about the new iphone with the person next to them. If they would spend as much time working out as they did flapping their jaws they would be in great shape. No one really likes these people while they are working out, but somehow they are always at every gym you attend. I only wrote about three types of gym-goers, so imagine how many other categories there are and what you would name them. Take a look next time and see who you can spot out. I guarantee you’ll find at least one of these people lurking around your gym.

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