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Gym and Fitness Centre Industry Report in Australia

Gym and Fitness Centre Industry Report in Australia.  
This report requires you to look beyond the Anytime Fitness organization to better understand its operating environment. For this task you need to make a judgement as to what you believe to be the industry that this organization operates in (Gym and Fitness Centre Industry) and then conduct an industry overview. Use references from relevant sources.The report should contain the following sections so you need to be very concise in your writing to adhere to the 1,200 (+/-10%) word limit:

Title page. This is not included in the word count.
Abstract or Executive Summary.
Introduction – begin with a clear statement of what this report is all about and provide a brief background to the industry.
A detailed overview of the Gym and Fitness Centre industry – including among others:

brief history of the industry;
recent developments and changes to the industry;
nature of the marketplace (i.e. is it a business, consumer, government or NGO market, or more than one?);
types of products and services provided by organizations in this industry;
brief overview of customers (i.e. segments) and what each segment purchases from your organization, and the other organizations;
key competitors and your organizations competitive position (i.e. leader, follower, one of many, etc.; (key competitors: Genesis Gym, Jetts Fitness, Goodlife Fitness Club, Revo Fitness)
outline any political, economic social, and technological (i.e. PEST) developments in recent years that have helped shape this industry. Highlights any future changes envisaged in the industry.
Discuss any other pertinent industry facts.

Conclusion. Sum up the main points of the report. These should clearly relate to the main objective of the report and should not contain new information. 
Appendices (this is not essential to include but if you do it is used to contain any relevant supporting information, examples of work, artefacts etc.). 

At least 5 credible sources

Gym and Fitness Centre Industry Report in Australia

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