Part 1:
Personal Reflections (*Only include reflections you feel comfortable sharing with the entire class).
1) How were you treated as a young child?  Were you treated differently because of your sex or gender?  What toys did you have? What were your interests? Were there different rules for you as a boy identifying child or girl identifying child?  Were you treated differently than children of another gender identity?

2) Try to imagine if these social constructions weren’t in place.  Do you think your interests would have differed? How would your life have been different then and now.

3) Which of the stereotypes and misconceptions in Threshold Concepts about feminism and feminists have you encountered before? Where, and in what context?

4)  What surprised you or impressed you most in Adichie’s talk? What in this talk helped you recognize or become aware of an assumption you’ve made?

Part 2: Activity
Ask two people (outside of students enrolled in this course) the following questions:

1) What does feminism mean to you? 2) Are you a feminist? Why or why not?

Ask 2 OTHER people (outside of students enrolled in this course) the following questions:

1) Do you believe in gender equality? 2) Why or why not?
After collecting your responses, reflect on the answers –how are they similar? how are they different?  What significance does the wording of the question have?  Include your findings in your initial post.

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