Gun Control Act of 1968: Annotated Bibliography

Gun Control Act of 1968: Annotated Bibliography. The Gun Control Act of 1968 is a policy by the US federal government concerned with the regulation of firearm owners as well as the firearms industry. The Act came into being following the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963 through a gun purchased by mail order (Kopel, 2013). Although Congressional hearings followed immediately after, there was no passage of any law until 1968. At this time, even the NRA was in support of gun control that largely regulated interstate firearm trades by limiting commerce to licensed dealers and manufacturers (Rosenfeld, 2013). The above policy is important since it not only shows how the governance systems work in ensuring regulation but is also relevant in the modern context where calls for increased gun control have been revitalized.

Gun Control Act of 1968: Annotated Bibliography

Kronlund, A., and Makinen, T. (2015). Topicality of the separation of powers. FIIA Working        Paper, August 2015.

            In this article, the authors take a look at the constitutional framework and the various aspects surrounding the structure of the US government. The authors focus on issues around the constitutional framework, the relationship between the executive and legislature, the problem in the separation of powers, and congress action. The impetus of the article is a delineation of the functioning of the US government as well a show the structure of the government plays a role in influencing domestic and foreign policy. The source is important in the context of this paper due to the fact that it informs the processes that define policy making in the United States. Importantly, it shows how the constitution defines the structures and processes that need to be used in defining policy and this regards the institutional roles and responsibilities. The source will be used to inform structural aspects leading to the adoption of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Vizzard, W. (2015). The Current and Future State of Gun Policy In The United States.  J. Crim.   L. & Criminology 104(4), 879-904.

            With checks and balances being an essential aspect of any democratic government, Vizzard (2015) explores various areas where checks and balances have been applied with regards to the policy on Gun Control. The author first overviews the fact that there has been minimal policy changes to the Gun Control Act of 1968 and continues to show how the policy has been affected by other statutes. Checks and balances as contended by the author have come about in the form of Acts that limit the over-imposition of the government’s power with regards to implementation of the Gun Control Act. The article is highly relevant to the paper since it overviews the changes that have been taking place as well as the actions taken in ensuring checks and balances. In informing the paper, this source will show how the opposition in Congress plays part in ensuring checks and balances.

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