Group Phases Paper (KATHERINE BECKS)

This paper will be grounded in the group interactions that took place in the in-class group discussions for the course MAH 631. The behaviors that identified the group theory concepts should be identified from the interaction that took place in the group setting. Groups will be formed and named for this specific purpose.  Members should be identified by code name that remain with them throughout the process. This paper has six sections.
Phases of Group Process
Identify each of the five phases of the group process that your group experienced: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning by defining the meaning of each phase; identifying specific behaviors that exemplified the phase in your group process, and the specific behaviors performed by the group members to facilitate the group’s movement.
Participant Roles and Their Impact on the Group
Identify the major roles that each group member used while participating in the group process. Identify the role, define the meaning of the role and provide specific behavior that described the individual’s use of the role in the group process, and its impact.
Discuss the meaning of task and maintenance functions within group process. Give examples of these from your in-class group. Identify the specific behavior you observed of the task and/or maintenance functions, and explain how the behavior exemplified the function and the impact that the intervention had on the overall group process.
Process versus Task in Group Performance
Identify your activity in the group.  Identify whether you predominately used task or maintenance skills during the groups interaction providing examples and explanations of why your actions reflect task or maintenance functions.
Personal Reflection
What is your greatest strength in working in groups? Identify these according to specific theory of group process.
Personal Reflection
What is your greatest weakness in working with groups?  Identify these according to specific theory of group process.
Paper should have a cover page, use APA citations and reference list, and cover all of the sections by identifying specific group theory and examples of that theory in action during the group process.

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